Clinical Decision Support Authoring, Optimization, and Maintenance

World Class Knowledge Engineering and Clinical Knowledge Management Expertise

Clinical Decision Support is a powerful tool. However, translating algorithms, pathways and protocols into structured rules, order sets, assessment templates, value sets, groupers, or other interventions requires deep domain expertise about content and workflow design. Aligning data definitions and clinical guidance content with your institution’s culture, workflow and workforce composition is key to your success. Value Sets (aka Groupers) are the heart of making your decision support accurate and maintainable. Elimu’s team can help whether it be building a data governance strategy, creating new clinical decision support content, optimizing your current content design or maintaining the decision support you already have. We wrote the rules on clinical knowledge management.

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Rules Authoring Methodology

Elimu co-founder, Aziz Boxwala, developed a methodology for iterative development of rules that follows an approach very similar to iterative software development. This approach has been adopted by notable institutions such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Partners Healthcare, and AHRQ. The strengths of this method are:

  • Transparency between clinical and technical SMEs
  • Scalability for greater levels of complexity
  • Portability across different platforms and workflows
  • Maintainability for future changes to guidelines and evidence based medicine

Rules Implementation

One question we get frequently is, "who writes the rules and where do they live?" Our broad range of experience allows us to write rules, and implement them, on any platform you like such as:

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The Elimu Difference

  • We author CDS that is clinical context aware
  • Some of the largest content vendors in the industry leverage our knowledge engineering services
  • We go to greater depth than "out of the box" products to produce the best and most accurate results
  • Our clinical informaticists partner with our developers, and your SMEs, taking an iterative approach
  • Our rules are scalable to any platform and can easily be maintained over time as guidelines change

When It's Done Right

  • Rules trigger or stay dormant when they are supposed to due to proper Semantic Normalization and Value Set creation
  • Quality reporting scores and patient outcomes improve due to well modeled rules authoring
  • Rules appear in proper workflows and settings of care through well contemplated workflow integration
  • Rules are easily updated and maintained
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