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  • Sapphire for Workflow Integration and Decision Support
  • Sapphire Precision Medicine to leverage Genomic data

Who We Are

We are a team of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and engineers that bring boots-on-the-ground experience in healthcare workflows and technology. Our customers, large and small, have always had strict budgets which is why our products and services are geared toward rapid delivery while removing development cost, SME time, and endless project meetings.

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Sapphire®: Post-Op Opioid MME App

The Opioid Reduction app makes it easy for physicians to track and monitor daily opioid consumption for “opioid-naive” post-op patients.

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Our Platform

We’re creating a gallery of SMART on FHIR Apps all built on the same platform. Each of our apps utilizes the same integration points, and are assembled using the same standard processes. This allows us to bring you solutions at a lower cost, with faster implementations, and far less complexity.

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Our Services

Elimu’s experience in consulting runs deep. Our average customer has been with us for over five years with many having been with us for over ten years. From ICD-10 / SNOMED mappings, to CQL rule authoring, to software applications, our boots on the ground clinical experience shines through in the quality and precision of the solutions we tailor to each customer.