Professional Services

Elimu Informatics offers advisory services and custom software solutions that deliver innovative power to our broad array of customers in healthcare, clinical research, biotech, and information technology. Elimu’s Sapphire App Development platform enables agile development of novel solutions to tackle our nation’s most pressing healthcare challenges in quality, precision medicine, digital health, and equity. Elimu’s average customer has been with us for over five years with many having been with us for over ten years. Our boots on the ground clinical experience and domain expertise shine through in the quality solutions we tailor to each customer.

Translating Care Pathways or Clinical Guidelines into a rules, value sets/groupers, order sets, assessments or other interventions requires deep domain expertise. Fortunately, we have a proven methodology for designing user-friendly, context-aware, and trust-worthy decision support.

ICD9, ICD10, SNOMED, RxNorm, Multum, Medispan, FirstDatabank, CPT, CVX, LOINC… the list goes on, and we’ve been through it all, and contributed to it all. When you can’t normalize your data, you can’t get things done. We can help you get things done.