Sapphire® Omnibus Platform

Fuel for apps, knowledge for all

The one thing that all apps have in common is that they need data. Data to display from a source system like an EHR, data to drive algorithmic insights and recommendations, or data in the form of logic that tells the app what to do and which systems to involve next. That’s what Omnibus does. Omnibus fetches data from source systems, translates the data to common nomenclature, feeds the data into its Clinical Decision Support rules engine, and outputs data to apps and other disparate systems to create coherent business workflows. Omnibus is the underlying platform that gives Sapphire the flexibility to assemble complex apps in minutes, and it’s built into every app we offer.

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An API for everything

Omnibus has libraries of APIs and knowledge bases that serve different purposes.

Data Integration APIs: Push and pull data in standards such as HL7 FHIR and CDS-Hooks

Knowledge base APIs: House and run Clinical Decision Support rules, medical calculators, forms, and other assets

Terminology APIs: Normalize data from different source systems to a common nomenclature and store Value Sets to filter noise out of data feeds and rules

Workflow APIs: Orchestrate communication across platforms, widgets and apps

How Omnibus simplifies things

  1. One point of connection powers unlimited apps
  2. More sophisticated apps for your providers that save time and cost
  3. Reduces the number of integrations your IT staff manages
  4. Flexible architecture allows changes and configurations to apps without code releases
  5. Comes built into every app created by Sapphire

Learn About Our Apps

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