Precision Medicine

Elimu's vision for Precision Medicine is to leverage the full spectrum of patient-specific data for advanced clinical decision making.

This includes core EHR data (e.g. conditions, medications, allergies, labs), molecular data (e.g. genetic sequencing data), Social Determinants of Health, patient-generated health data, and more. In the genomics space, we offer full spectrum professional services focused on helping you leverage molecular data for decision making. Our services range from obtaining and storing genomics data to leveraging that data for advanced clinical decision support. 

Learn more about how our Precision Medicine expertise can transform your research program here:

Turn Genomic Lab Reports into Actionable Data

Our team has deep experience with HL7 V2 LRI and FHIR Genomics reporting standards and can help you move from PDF to structured data. Services include:

  • Work with your lab to move from PDF to structured data
  • Structured storage of genomics reports and raw genomics data

Leverage Structured Genomic Data for Clinical Decision Support

Our team's expertise in CDS can be leveraged to help you:

  • Drive pharmacogenomics CDS solutions
  • Drive germline-based CDS (e.g. for variant reanalysis)
  • Drive somatic-based CDS (e.g. for actionable cancer treatments)
  • Enable advanced CDS solutions based on a patient's entire genome

Genomic App Development

Our Sapphire® App Assembler and Sapphire® Omnibus Platform together provide a range of sophisticated capabilities while simplifying app development and EHR integration. Services include: 

Core Informatics Services

We've been at this a long time. Along the way, our team has acquired considerable expertise in core informatics services, such as: