Elimu Professional Services for Real World Data Capture and Registry Modernization

Elimu Informatics can help your research team make capture of reliable, accurate, and semantically rich Real World Data (RWD) a reality. Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Technologies for extracting data from electronic health records are typically burdensome and poorly integrated into clinical workflows. Further, research dictionaries are typically not aligned with taking advantage of the interoperability enablers of the 21st Century Cures Act.

Our professional services team can assist with:

  • Dictionary remodeling and mapping to standard terminologies so that high quality data can be more efficiently obtained from EHRs, leveraging the USCDI
  • Custom development and hosting of EHR-integratable SMART-on-FHIR Apps that assist clinicians and research support staff alike by streamlining the tasks to extract native EHR data as well as support annotation, capture of missing data, and validation for submission to research data repositories
  • Design and development of patient-facing data capture solutions leveraging FHIR and integration with the EHR workflows
  • Design, authoring and engineering of clinical decision support algorithms and protocols  that support optimal integrity and timeliness of data capture

Learn more here about how our innovative approaches can transform your research program:

Many organizations that host data platforms and/or disease registries for clinical research are exploring new ways to take advantage of interoperable data that flows more freely from Electronic Health Records (EHRs) as a consequence of the 21st Century Cures Act.

They are exploring how to remodel the research data dictionaries to capture data efficiently as a byproduct of clinical workflow in EHRs. While Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence will streamline capture of data that is already in EHRs, these automated tools will not account for the data gaps relevant to registry requirements nor the workflows needed to validate the harvested information.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, many health systems participating in clinical research still invest significant manual labor in pain-staking chart abstraction. To capture data that is extractable from EHRs, they build and maintain one-off data collection and extraction tools and must continuously ensure that the data mappings to standard terminology codes are continuously updated. When registry data dictionaries must change, the process is slow and gated because all of the research sites must update their own systems to align with the updates. The Elimu team can provide advice, data modeling, and knowledge engineering services to optimize research data dictionaries for the 21st Century Cures world. Further our SMART on FHIR App platform and expertise make it possible for our clients to embed workflow tools into native EHR workflow to facilitate efficient data acquisition.