Artificial Intelligence Solution Advisory Services

Many healthcare systems today are contemplating how to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to improve patient care. 

Since the rollout of ChatGPT, Google Bard, Bing AI, and Claude (as well as several new and emerging competitors)  there has been an explosion of products and services on the market promising transformative improvements in efficiency, quality, financial performance and patient experience.

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For decades, health systems have made tactical investments to enhance their information technology assets with clinical and business intelligence.  They have developed governance structures for data management, clinical decision support, research, analytics, and innovation to support wise acquisition, adoption, and monitoring of these investments. But as AI continues to mature, new risks have emerged that present unique challenges to healthcare executives. The concerns include AI algorithm transparency, algorithm bias, patient privacy, data security, reliability, validity, and safety.  

Elimu Informatics is renowned for its professional services in clinical decision support governance, clinical knowledge management, health equity, and data quality optimization. There’s a great deal of overlap with respect to best practices in these areas around CDS and emerging use of AI. Our expertise in these domains serves as a foundation for our advisory services that can assist your organization in making the governance, evaluation, deployment, adoption and monitoring of AI solutions a core competency for your leadership team.