Why we Started Elimu Informatics

Sep 9, 2017 | Jim Shalaby

Both PSMI and Meliorix have worked closely together on some very exciting and challenging projects over the past few years. We discovered in the process that we had a great deal of synergy, Meliorix with expertise in decision support standards, design, deployment and PSMI in clinical content, terminologies, rules content, pathways and knowledge management. When Aziz and I started talking about joining forces in 2017 we quickly came to realize that we could provide services and software solutions across the whole gamut of clinical informatics and really could not be matched by any other company or consulting firm in the industry today. We’ve retained our teams from both companies and have entered into this new venture with a lot of excitement at every level. The synergies are already evident in the new work that we’re doing now ranging from building new services centered on the disease management life cycle/value based care to or expansion into genomics centric informatics solutions.

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